Intellectual Property

Camtastic is continuously developing its intellectual property portfolio, including patent and trademark applications.

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PENDING PATENTS (Including all published and unpublished provisional, PCT and national phase applications)

63/393,988 Systems and methods for autonomous processing, rendering, marshaling and

content reporting of holographic broadcasting and social streaming

This patent application mainly relates to the following:

1. Combining multiple camera streams from multiple users on a single Hologram canvas with processing dynamic backgrounds and graphical effects on-the-fly during the broadcast, where the combined hologram broadcast to all end users is the same, without additional processing required on the end devices – thus all users have the same experience regardless of the device or platform (windows software, phone app or web).

2. Protecting minors from streaming or viewing unwanted content.

3. Autonomously and continuously creating and rendering holographic images with effects and complete videos.

4. Autonomously and continuously generating sounds, audio effects and complete songs.

Last Updated: 2022-08-01