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All you need is your camera and you are ready to interact with others on a single background

✔ feel the sensation of being “touched” as if you are present together with other people
✔ Viewers can gift and interact like in a new, more immersive experience without any avatars
✔ We do not record your materials. You can record on your device and then post everywhere
✔ We never share any of your data with any external parties unless you request it.
✔ 80% gift value payout
✔ 80% of value from your channel subscriptions you sell
* Weekly cash-out above at 50 USD. Payment processing charges may apply

Camtastic has 2 ways to generate residual income:

Put Your Residual Income On Auto-Pilot

Our residual commission structure enables you to receive up to 60% on trials and 30% in recurring.

Here is a list of the ways you can automatically grow your residual income with Camtastic:

✔ Up to 60% from Viewer trial memberships (only once per user)
✔ Up to 30% from Viewer monthly or annual memberships (including renewals)
In addition to the above, you are automatically eligible to the following commissions:

✔ 1% from all Viewer’s deposits (Some auto-renew)
✔ 1% from all viewer’s lifetime transactions and exchanges within the platform (Some auto-renew)
✔ 1% from all viewer digital purchase transactions (Some auto-renew)
✔ 2% from all transactions received by Holographers (Some auto-renew)
✔ 2% from all transactions received by online stores (starting Mar/1/2023)

As creator / streamer you are also eligible to the following commissions:

✔ 80% of gift value you may receive
✔ 80% of value from your channel subscriptions you sell
✔ Sell your digital content or physical goods

We Provide You With Everything You Need

✔ Your own ready-made direct affiliate link, simply paste it in a NON-SPAM WAY (see the rules below)
✔ Multiple landing pages you can directly drive traffic to, without the need for your own funnels or pages
✔ Multiple ready-made templates you can simply copy/paste for your own funnels/ pages
✔ Multiple creative icons, graphics and banners in many sizes and flavors
✔ Daily, weekly and monthly reports delivered to your email
✔ A real-time dashboard within the windows version of the platform
✔ Affiliate support with short turnaround time
✔ Affiliate group within the platform

Get Recognized By Other Users With Success Badges
Your Camtastic Profile automatically updates the displays multiple badges, depending on your activity. Here is a sample of the Affiliate badges. There are over 20 badge types related to content creation and broadcasting.

copper silver aurum diamond

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An official welcome email will be sent to you after creating your Affiliate Account, providing you with resources and access to all the MARCOM, including landing page, templates, graphics, etc.

The official launch is scheduled for Oct/31/2022 and available for

win win win

Become An Awesome And Ethical Camtastic Affiliate

Here are our golden rules for remaining an ethical Camtastic Affiliate, given to you in simple, easy to understand terms. Please read these rules before you start promoting.

1. Anti- Spam 2. Testimonials and Disclaimers 3. Honest and clear advertising 4. Claims and Substantiation
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