Camtastic Cash-out

Last modified on 2022-12-22.


Camtastic provides multiple ways for you to generate monthly revenues from your broadcast. Here is what you should know:

1. Eligibility

Anyone can request a cash-out through the software in the profile/cash-out section, as long as you qualify with the following:

a. The Camtastic account is verified with identification and is under your legal name.
b. You are of legal age to work in your country and at least over the age of 15.
c. You have at least 20,000 (fully cleared – see #4) CMTs available to cash-out.
d. Your Camtastic account is not under any type of suspension and/or hold and /or investigation.
e. You have a verified a payment processor supported by Camtastic, such as PayPal, Payoneer, Skrill or bank account.

A full list of supported payment processors is shown based on your country and the amount you wish to cash-out.

2. First Cash-out

Your first cash-out as a streamer/holographer is after 45 days on the platform.
Sometimes it may take a full week to set-up a payment processor, so we highly recommend to set-up your payment processors ASAP!

3. Cash-out Frequency

Depending on your turnover and overall activity/volume, you will be processed under the following categories:
Low volume/turnover: Cash-out requests are processed by the 10th of each month, for previous month’s transactions.
High volume/turnover: Cash-out requests are processed each Monday for the previous week – with 20-40% allowance for charge-backs,

Camtastic, at its own discretion, may decide to allow you to cash-out before the above mentioned timelines.

4. Fully Cleared

As you know, the internet, just as in real-life, has transaction and cancellations.
As a Camtastic Streamer/Holographer, you are well protected from transaction cancellation based on the terms of service.

Camtastic deployed extra measures to ensure proof of payment ownership and thus, a zero-cancellation policy, as outlined in the terms of service.
From time to time, there may be an event where funds transferred to Camtastic are returned by a payment processor (such as Visa), to the Customer.
This is usually in the event of theft or misuse of a credit card and/or identity.
As Camtastic does not have any control over payment processors nor their policies, we incur a “charge-back” (cancellation), which is deducted from our balance with the payment processor.
Camtastic goes to great lengths to prove that all transactions were final and made by the Customer. However, you should be aware of such possibility.
Until matters are cleared with the payment processor or law enforcement organization, all related transactions within the Camtastic platform are REVERSED (charged-back).
This means that, yourself as a streamer/holographer, will see a reversed transaction(s) for all transaction(s) from the user to you.

5. Risk Mitigation

Based on your customer’s risk profile. A certain portion is reserved for cancellations (charge-backs). Anywhere from 0% all the way to 40%. This depends on the amounts and number of customers gifting you.

NOTE: Any withheld amounts are automatically credited to you in the following cash-out.

6. Emergency Partial Cash-out!

based on your own activity, volume (and risk), you may be eligible for an “emergency cash-out”.
Although we do not recommend using this option, you will be allows to receive immediate (within 1-2 business days) for a portion of the funds.
The amount of funds you can request is within your profile at all times.
Note: you will be charged a 5% service fee for each Emergency Partial Cash-out. This charge is applied prior to any payment processing charges you may incur.

Cash-out Example:
You have 10,000 USD worth of CMT’s available for cash-out, however, there was a charge-back from previous month’s transactions worth 1,000 USD.
This means you are eligible for a cash-out of 9,000 USD.
The customers that come to you have a 20% risk factor, meaning 9,000-20% (1,800 USD) = 7,200 USD.
However, you receive another 2,000 USD from previous month’s risks holds.. so you will receive 9,200 USD

Note: All of the above calculations are automatically done for you and available in the cash-out section under your profile.

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