Forget video. Start interacting in a hologram!

animated image of camtastic application animated image of camtastic application
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Feel “touched” and present in the moment! You only need a camera, solid background and lighting

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About The Camtastic Technology

Camtastic Hologram uses patent-pending technologies to ensure great experience for users and streamers alike.
From not having streams with “squares” as a picture to not having a circle for buffering streams.
All other social streaming platforms create a box for each person streaming, with its own buffering/latency.
The Camtastic pending-patent technology is the only platform to create a hologram of all streamers
within a hologram on-the-fly, without any buffering.

What makes Camtastic different from other social streaming platforms is the fact that to a viewer,
all streamers within a hologram seem as if they are together in real life, doing something at the same time.
A popular example is a live DJ set where everyone dancing to the beat in-synch, just as if they are in a real event.

Product Roadmap:   More than Just a cool Social Hologram
We are tirelessly working to bring new experiences. Here is a partial list:
user interface preview

• Engage with your audience like never before, interactive gifts and “touching”
• Create a wishlist and let others buy them. We ensure delivery to your door!
• Support or gift streamers like never before, or receive gifts for real cash-outs
• Experience immersive games like never before, with no special equipment!
• Shop or create your store in a holographic setting, try items before you buy
• Sell, buy and exchange digital goods, including NFT’s videos, pics and files
• Join or create communities, tribes and more. All with holographic streaming
• Take your dating and love to the highest interactive level! Dates feel so real
• Earn badges and compete on different leaderboards. Get bonuses and more

• LIVE/IMMERSIVE gaming engine.  Join the community to shape the future

• Lots more.

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